Thinking of flying, against all odds. 

Let’s occult the lost souls who are too afraid to drown. It’s time to go far away, while they founder and get carried away in distracted thoughts.

And every day, we hammer ourselves home that bad times will pass, but we sink, and sink. 

Children play around me, whilst losing myself in this devouring pond. 

The sky looks very clear for a disenchanted world: no more hope for me. 

Over time, I have witnessed the best of speakers become the worst of executioners, in secret. And as appearances remain subterfuges to better hide, pitiless human beings have lost all their humanity.

Facing my malaise, I feel reassured though, since it is the only fair and sincere experience that I know. The race continues and no one runs out of breath. I’ll gradually lose my people, but so goes my flow. For in the end, every one will find its own tune, to face its own disappointments. 

We are just bodies wandering in a raging river where finding peace is illusory. I only see but these souls tortured by unease and fears that chain them to be nothing more than... some sort of pointless existence.

Are we all lost? Double-face, you shall be unveiled. 

With no disguise, we will progress under a thunder of prayers.


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