We’ve set up ramparts away from the world. 

Inexhaustible tiredness, euphoric breathlessness. 

Alone in our hole, speaking to our head, we won’t see the sky any more. Eyes removed, 

We’ve stretched them to see more clearly. 

Black eyes for enlightened vision. 

Killjoys we are, we’ve gnawed our veins and champed at the bit by swallowing our sorrow. 

Rejected strangers, we don't talk about anything anymore, 



So we rewrite history in an endless loop. 

No more conflicting choices, no more questioning, the road is laid out. 

Let’s take hits to breathe easier. We are going off the rails. 


What we see then are collapsing towers, 

But we won’t move. We are mended into marble. 

No escape for us, we’re just lunatics locked in a cage. 

Who cares? We don’t mind, we don’t feel, anymore. 


We fed ourselves before even staring at the sky. 

Our eyes have opened in an oppressed world where our values are being mangled by dehumanized monsters.

We’ve pulled down the fences around us, to face our distress, fearless. 

Wading in troubled waters, our eyes are now recovered, and we see clearly. 

The film replays, over and over. Once again, we face our failure. 



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