With doubts, scenes of despair come back, one after another, and I only feel but my loneliness.

Today, what I can read on their face are terrifying grimaces. 

I hear the crowd gravitating around me, and I choke at the sight of them getting closer. 

They mass together as insects swarming on the ground,

and I’m tired of hearing their cry, once again. 

Those foolish frightened creatures...

They have put on their untrustworthy masks to conceal their despicable deformities. 

But have you only understood?

On my side, I’m silently collapsing, and none of my cries may die.

At the time of indifference, there is no more room for insouciance, 

or else insomnia declines.

In the abyss of your dreams, you shall find the bottom of the oblivion, 

sensibly waiting for you, ready to unleash your growing declination 

in a life free of direction and diligence.

For the compass has lost its directions, and life has only dismissed you to a zone of incomprehension. 

By the swell and the storm you shall be taken away, as the castaways guided by a wise master, who perfectly knows where to go.

Then you, reckless follower, you shall remain silent and move by his forced choices.

As this life is no more than a tomb, I’ll let you bury me tonight, with all my misunderstood thoughts.


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