On this hazardous journey, we hop on one foot. 

Surrounded by wandering voices, we remove any rock standing in our way, 

yet with an Air of lightness even when facing a rigid arch. 

Filled with a growing conscience, moving with an impertinent fluidity, 

we are guided.

This persisting violence around will always embrace our wrath, 

to ease our pain, too heavy to bear. 

Dried out by distrust, yet thirsty for life, 

we will keep on receiving invitations from the chosen souls, 

the ones destined for greater expression. 

Since even after their death they cannot remain silent, 

as they know there are still living souls to diffuse their messages.

As this tormented dance will initiate, they shall receive their missing seats at the table of creators. 

Now it is on us to hand over their talent, and we are ready to design their legacy.
To you, to your hands guiding me, you gifted me with a direction and an existence of reason in a world empty of conscience.

My mind was disturbed and confused, your clemency is now escorting my existence.


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