We dreamt of the time we have left, on surpassing ourselves. 

We went beyond the time that was meant for us. 

We stretched time to avoid being late on that past that is not waiting for us anymore. We rotted, laid low, by time as it flew.

You fled the hours that were meant for you, in a foolish consumption. 

You deprived yourself of that life you were dreaming of, 

so as not to see what you could have found there. 

You feared your life as it changed, because lassitude was easier to bear. 

However, now, you are alone facing yourself in this insignificant void. 

And that is precisely the reason why everything you create won’t make no sense anymore.

So this is where inescapably vain aesthetics end. 

Your perceptions are now volatile, symmetries become irregular, thoughts confusing. Because this trajectory is tearing yourself limb from limb, and instability is disturbing your life. 

Submit to its will and you’ll evolve. For it is always creation that will guide you.


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