Sorry but it’s an endless story and we won’t justify ourselves. 

Not sorry if you don’t understand us, that’s a shame. 

Because everything we produce comes from our inner breath, 

we raise, we move and we swallow. 

Anyway anyhow, we’ll keep away from all this cowardice.

Whatever happens, we’ll always believe in our Act : 

that’s what holds us together, that’s the only reason why we exist. 

Even though we had but to accept being evicted, 

the fact that we don’t manifest our suffering… 

doesn’t mean it’s not been mean.

Still, we can change our Air, nothing helps, 

the harm has been done. 

Then, even when we're back to back with our backpack on a tandem, 

our hatred will keep on driving us. 

And face to face, always, we’ll surpass ourselves. 

We’ll take the time, will feel, relax. 

Because we’ve always seen this life differently.


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