29 / Part.2

Witness yourself being carried away by despair and finding everything meaningless.

Imagine yourself sinking into a sempiternal hole. 

And you’ll end up hiding, just to exist, when the light is actually right on the other side of your mask.

Only thing left for us is to compose new tunes. Because in a happy and enchanted world where the sky is dark, hope and dreams are all we have. 

Let’s pray for our souls, and strive to create permanence. 

Or else we may collapse from distress, when trying to feel your malaise. 

So today, let’s hold each other’s hands and rise as one. 

No more endless days, our path is traced to help our spirits meet again, 

free to be themselves, 

free to be together. 

Come hell or high water, we shall remain,

facing the wind, 

contemplating our fate, 

that eventually smiles back at us. 


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